Johnny Matthews | A Week Of Hardstyle

I just spent the last week listening to nothing but Hardstyle music at work. When I say that, I wasn't actually listening to it 100% non-stop, obviously. What I mean is I didn't listen to any other genre of music while working. No punk rock, no classical stuff, no spoken word. Just Hardstyle. This was written on 23rd of August 2017.

Recently I’ve found myself getting super frustarted with myself purely because I can’t decide what to listen to, and I end up spending more time browsing Spotify than actually coding. This Commit Strip comic springs to mind. Also, I’ve never really given Hardstyle a proper chance to sneak into my music library. I used to thoroughly enjoy a bit of Trance and Dance back in the day. How different can this new-age stuff be? Spoiler: very.

Which leads us to this past week. I’ve spent the last 5 days with a YouTube auto playlist constantly open, running through an endless parrade of Hardstyle. These are my thoughts.


Tracks I Actually Enjoyed

Tracks I Absolutely Loathe

In conclusion

Meh, it’s alright. There’s very little variation between tracks since they’re all using the same chord progressions and BPM. I imagine it’d be entertaining at a festival or something, maybe.