Johnny Matthews | CMUS config location

CMUS is an incredibly simple music and media player that runs straight from the terminal. However, sometimes it can be tricky to customize and interact with. In this post, I'll quickly jump into where the config files for CMUS are and how to edit them. This was written on 28th of August 2020.

So there isn’t a .config file for CMUS. But there is a cmus folder within my system’s ~/.config folder. This ~/.config/cmus folder contains:

├── autosave
├── cache
├── command-history
├── playlists
│   ├── Aggressive alectro
│    ...
├── search-history

I was looking for a .config file so I could add it to my post-linux-intstall-script. Turns out autosave serves the function of a .config file. It just contains a list of commands that run every time CMUS starts. It’s a pretty long list:

set aaa_mode=all
set altformat_current= %F 
set altformat_playlist= %f%= %d 
set altformat_title=%f
set altformat_trackwin= %f%= %d 
set auto_expand_albums_follow=true


fset ogg-or-mp3=ogg|mp3
fset unheard=play_count=0

This looks like a decent place to create fset rules for playlists and other bindings. I’ll have to take a look into this file a bit more.