Johnny Matthews | Semantic pull request titles for documentation

Using these rules when creating a pull request title _won't_ make you a better person, but it might improve your Git repository. I based this post on a GitHub gist from [joshbuchea's]( called [Semantic Commit Messages]( This was written on 14th of April 2024.

I’m sure we’ve all seen Git repos with a shocking amount of branches. Without a decent naming convention, things can get messy real quick. The idea here is that adding the tags below to the start of your branch makes it easier for folks to quickly figure out what your trying to do.


These are the available types:

featAdds a new section or page. New paragraphs to existing documentation are not a feature.feat/desktop-install
addAdds a new paragraph, sentence, or image to existing documentation.add/desktop-install-screenshots
removeRemoves existing paragraphs, sentences, or images from existing documentationremove/browser-disclaimer
fixFixes an existing typo, spelling, grammar, or formatting mistake.feat/desktop-broken-repo-link
refactorCompletely changes an existing section or page while keeping the original narrative/purpose. Refactors are changes to documentation that do not result from a platform/package/software release.refactor/simplifies-dht-explanation
updateChanges to existing documentation due to platform/package/software releases. Updates to documentation as a direct result of updates to platforms/packages/software releases.update/install-section-go-ipfs-0-7
choreUpdates automation, CircleCI tasks, linting rules, etc. Chores do not fix documentation.chore/redirects-for-concepts-section


^--^  ^------------^
|     |
|     +-> Summary of your changes
+-------> Type: feat, add, remove, fix, refactor, update, or chore.